WHERE TO NEXT is the title of 2022 ArtEZ Arnhem Art and Design Finals. The title is not only a question that we as students ask ourselves when graduating, but it is also a question that we as designers pose regarding the re-use of materials and what the afterlife of this year's signage will be once the show is finished.

Consequently, for this year's Art and Design Finals, we want to focus on two aspects of the design of it, namely: the social and the circular. We believe it is important that the finals are not merely an exhibition for the no man's land within ArtEZ, but rather that they actively connect the departments. This reflex blue wayfinding system & identity was a group project with: Annegien Schilling, Erwin Joziasse, Isa Yaëla Grienberger and Minji Kim.

studio BORN graphic design