Fluxus animation: wrapped...

A work that translates ideas into a typographic language. Based on Fluxus, which is known for its experimental disciplines and for generating new art forms. The red thread through this project was the word 'wrap'. Which led to the following words: unboxing, unpacking, wrapping, and layers. These words were used in the design- and audio method.

wrap, wraps, wrapping, unwrapped & wrapped

Shadows deconstructing time

Type face inspired by shadows changing over time. A Sprint workshop given by Daniel Maarleveld.


This motion design was shown at the DEMO Festival at Amsterdam Central station and The International Biennale of Graphic Design 2021. DEMO was founded by Studio Dumbar. The design is based on the busy location and conversations. The tools that were used were P5.js and opentype.js.

studio BORN graphic design